The following links to other web sites are part of our effort to provide useful information to hoof care providers, veterinarians and Dairy Industry personnel.   We invite you to submit suggestions for other links you have found and we will consider adding them to our list.

KNOWLEDGE BASE    A collection of factual information about hoof trimming    
HOOF CARE SUPPLY Links to a variety of hoof care suppliers    
NEWS AND VIEWS  Listings of future Hoof care related events and short articles about related issues    
TRICKS OF THE TRADE A variety of useful ideas for Hoof Trimmers    
Some of the information found on this web site is material reproduced by permission from the Hoof Trimmers Association.  While this is not an official Hoof Trimmers Association Website, we do support the association's efforts to promote professional hoof care practices and provide the following link to the   

Hoof Trimmers Association Information